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… excerpt from ‘Goleen Past and Present’ by Michael McCarthy

The report stated that Teige Coughlan, aged about fifty, was priest of Kilmoe and part of Schull and lived on Long IslandĀ  The Bishop of Ossary in Kilkenny ordained him. In 1731 Rev Paul Limerick, rector of Schull and Kilmoe, reported that John Hinnegan, PP, had Teige Callanane as his assistant. They had two thatched mass-houses in which mass was celebrated – one in Schull and one in Kilmoe.

Paul Limerick noted that a number of priest were landing at Crookhaven Harbour from France and other countries, mostly friars, and travelling inland. The history of the four churches in the townland and Arderrawinny in the parish of Goleen is contained in a well-researched article written in the Mizen Journal in 1996 by the late Michael R O’Donovan.


The earliest church recorded in Arderrawinny was a thatched mass-mass dated around 1733. This was replaced by a thatched structure before 1805. Rev Florence Crowley paid a yearly rent of 1-2s-9d to secure the lease of the site from Jer McCarthy. In 1825 the thatched roof collapsed and service was held in the open for the rest of the year.

In 1826 building of the new church was started, which survived until it’s demolition in 1975. In 1966 the first foundation stones were laid. The ‘Church of The Seven Sacraments’ was finally consecrated on 8th December 1976 by the Most Rev Dr Lucey.